Octopath Traveler aspects eight separate characters and storylines for these characters. This page tells you everything it’s good to clutch to recall your first personality.

Whereas you would add any of the eight to your birthday party as you meet them, the first one you resolve to originate your lunge with is locked into your birthday party till you complete their memoir. That is four chapters in, which is ready to potentially recall about eight hours to complete a single memoir – not collectively with the time spent bouncing between loads of personality’s memoir quests. Seize correctly!

Originate not disaster, every personality’s backstory and beginning allotment of their lunge is playable as you form your manner by Osterra.

Here is a description of every personality, with our top preference of who to prefer first on the bottom of this allotment. Click on a personality’s title to learn extra.

Every begins their lunge at a queer explain on the draw earlier than venturing into the wider world. All are viable, so learn every personality’s biography and recall the one most compelling to you. And be conscious some of different personality’s traits to boot. It would perchance perchance also merely compel you in deciding which of them to transfer add to your personnel first.

We counsel deciding on
Therion or
Cyrus as your starter.
Therion can steal HP and SP from targets saving you the exercise of objects for that purpose and
Cyrus‘ capability to discern weaknesses and his sweeping elemental assaults are beneficial for beginning areas. Cyrus has the further profit of being internal sight
Ophelia, a competent healer, and
H’aanit, whose In finding expertise presents her a mountainous diversity of assaults to recall from, letting her fill in any gaps you may also merely fill in strive against.

That being mentioned, no matter what personality you resolve to exercise on the originate of Octopath Traveler, the game eases you into battles with that protagonist. Most early enemies are ragged to the strengths of the corresponding personality within the internal sight metropolis. This offers no personality any competitive early sport advantage over yet another, so recall whichever personality’s memoir is most compelling to you.

Enemies on the discipline also scale with how many characters you add to your birthday party. Early within the game, you are going to scrutinize a ways fewer enemies than when you may fill a four individual birthday party.