File this one into your “the Web wins all over again” folder. Twitter person Josh Scully posted a hilarious re-edit of Valuable person Wars: The Final Jedi that presents an provide for an abridged — and, honestly, infinitely epic — twist on Episode VIII.

Josh mashed up two key scenes from the movie — when Leia uses her Power powers in notify to ride help to the Resistance ship, and when Holdo jumps to gentle hotfoot to execute the First Repeat mercurial — into what he suggests is “The Final Jedi fixed.” That it’s likely you’ll perchance possibly look the scene below, which is hosted in IGN’s participant with permission from the distinctive proprietor.

This video accumulated more than 780,000 views on Josh’s Twitter at publish time, so it looks love a host of of us on the on-line accept as true with Josh’s humorous edit. And yes, he’s mindful that this version potential we would lose lot of the movie.

This version of events offers Leia one epic system to roam out, and skips over some of the more divisive facets of the movie, including the Canto Bight sequence and Poe Dameron and Admiral Holdo’s butting of heads.

On the other hand, it doesn’t seem as though Josh Scully’s tweet used to be an provide that this movie would had been better with out these segments. Based mostly totally on a commenter asserting “that obliging kamizadze (sic) moment belongs to Laura Dern and Laura Dern ONLY,” Scully acknowledged, “You know, I will give you that. Laura Dern used to be superior and deserves more recognition.”

Small is acknowledged relating to the events of Valuable person Wars: Episode IX, which is ready to be directed by J.J. Abrams and hit theaters on December 20, 2019, beyond the very fact that Finn and Rey shall be “help together all over again.” That hasn’t stopped us from hypothesizing, though: be obvious to envision out our 10 theories about what’s going to happen in Valuable person Wars: Episode IX. And since we like an excellent deal of time to advantage till the next movie comes out, right here is IGN’s Max and Brian breaking down why it be OK to capture a destroy from Valuable person Wars:

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