This internet page includes records on the roles interior Octopath Traveler. In Octopath Traveler, every persona begins with a default class, furthermore called Jobs. These are what determines what equipment forms that persona can equip, what Skills they’ll study and use, and what passive Strengthen Skills they’ve procure correct of entry to to. Later within the sport, characters can multiclass to be hybrids of their preliminary job, and any of the 7 jobs from the different characters. You would possibly maybe presumably well compose a secondary job by going to a Shrine.

This adjustments the characters appearance, and lets in them to originate to study the Skills and Strengthen Skills from their secondary job. The characters attain no longer inherit the Course Actions or Skills of their secondary job, these are tied to the characters themselves.

In addition to the starting jobs, there are furthermore extra “secret” jobs that are unlocked by visiting particular Shrines end to the four corners of the area. These jobs are as follows:

Every job comes with particular stat bonuses. Utilize this chart to witness which job grants which stat bonuses, which are furthermore applied when gaining it as a secondary job.

Cleric Scholar Service provider Warrior Dancer Apothecary Thief Hunter
HP +eight% +18% +20%
Phys Atk +three% +5% +1.5% +2% +eight%
Phys Def +three% +5% +1.5%
Accuracy +5% +6%
Crit +1.5% +5% +6%
SP +18% +Thirteen% +eight%
Elem Atk +5% +10% +three% +eight% +1.5%
Elem Def +5% +5% +three%
Tear +10% +eight% +5%
Evasion +10% +eight% +5%