SummerSlam is traditionally regarded as one of WWE’s most prestigious events. It is always the stuff of both nightmares or dreams for the ladies and men folk who compete on the sizable stage the summertime spectacular provides.

Sunday evening in Brooklyn’s Barclays Heart, those dreams and nightmare scenarios for Superstars similar to Roman Reigns, Ronda Rousey, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler will ensure by reserving choices that can contain prolonged-lasting outcomes on them and their characters.

What are those scenarios and what may perchance they mean for those Superstars beyond the Edifying Event of the Summer?

Roman Reigns is mainly the most buzzed-about Star on the toll road to SummerSlam, and with honest cause.

The polarizing face of WWE in 2018, he has captivated (and angered) followers all around the globe in his quest to defend shut the Novel Championship. Sunday evening, he has the assorted to exorcise the demon that is Brock Lesnar and stand atop the sports activities-entertainment substitute.

He, more than anyone, has very sure-cut dream and nightmare scenarios.

Dream Distress

Reigns realizes he can no longer defeat Lesnar on his own and embraces the relieve of Paul Heyman, thus initiating the prolonged-awaited heel turn and glorious the Novel Championship in basically the most stunning conclusion to a WWE pay-per-watch match in years.

This final result enables Reigns to be the dominant badass who, thanks to Heyman’s presence, can support conceal The Immense Dog’s mic weakness. It is neatly-behaved for both Reigns and the WWE product, which straight away gets a makeover of kinds with the vulnerable juggernaut of The Protect now turning to the dismal aspect.

Nightmare Distress

Like minded like at WrestleMania 32, Reigns predictably wins the title neat and in the heart of the ring. He is greeted with a loud chorus of boos as followers waddle out of Barclay Heart as an more than just a few of sticking spherical to peep but one other coronation for the 2nd-know-how celebrity.

WWE Inventive can no longer give you the money for this.

With regarded as one of basically the most loaded playing cards in SummerSlam history, it desires to eradicate the intrigue and receive definite followers are in point of fact brooding about the notify days after it fades to sunless. Reserving that attain is a clear center finger to the viewers and one who will erase any and all goodwill it had managed to receive main into the printed.

Plus, nobody in point of fact desires to peer honest man Reigns overcome the odds and defend shut the title, factual?


Daniel Bryan returned to the ring this previous April at WrestleMania 34 but it completely is his match Sunday, against The Miz, that has followers brooding just a few return to create for the leader of the YES! Circulation.

Bryan has but to contain that one in point of fact high-quality match that signifies to his legions of followers that the bearded wonder is back to create, that he’s eventually ready to ascend the card on Tuesday nights and most definitely embark on a well-known match scamper that would position him against just some of the absolute best workers in the synthetic.

His opponent, The Miz, is the absolute best heel on the major roster and a foil that has been a fixed thorn in Bryan’s aspect since his debut in 2010. An improbable series of video packages attach over the prolonged rivalry between the 2 on Tuesday’s SmackDown, setting the stage for regarded as one of basically the most heated and anticipated matches on the SummerSlam card.

Dream Distress

Bryan and Miz contain the classic SummerSlam match a rivalry of its dimension deserves. After 20 minutes of action, Bryan traps Miz in the YES! Lock and taps him out to a thunderous ovation and drawing rave opinions from followers and critics alike.

He stands tall in the heart of the squared circle on the match he won his first WWE Championship at and begins the prolonged and laborious stride back to that identical title.

The misfortune enables Bryan his 2nd in the solar and the neatly-behaved conclusion to his rivalry with Miz. Some will argue that Miz may perchance also aloof amble over to position up a rematch but on that stage, against that ideal villain, the absolute best exact becoming final result is Bryan beating him and shutting him up.

On the very least in the in the meantime.

Nightmare DistressWWE Inventive is in overall inconsistent so for the Bryan and Miz to contain this technique they’ve had, it’s something in point of fact special. Their nightmare misfortune is a match rife with overbooking that fails to are living as a lot as expectations.

Bryan wants successful. He wants a exact match to rebuild some confidence and reignite the flame. Once basically the most preferred Star in the synthetic, injuries and a three-three hundred and sixty five days absence ate into that when unbreakable connection he had with the viewers.

A disappointing or subpar match that does no longer are living as a lot as the story or the optimistic of the performers will most good compose questions as to whether or no longer Bryan misplaced a step or two while a ways from the squared circle.

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Dean Ambrose returned to WWE programming Monday on Uncooked, the attach it changed into printed he’ll be in Seth Rollins’ corner for The Architect’s Intercontinental Championship match against Dolph Ziggler.

Ambrose will hope to offset the interference of Drew McIntyre and support his Protect teammate rating the defend shut and gain his title.

Or will he?

Dun, dun, dun!

Dream Distress

Ambrose the lunatic babyface has scamper its direction.

Four years in, he has labored with almost everybody and in point of fact has nothing else to achieve in that position. As a babyface, he’s one-dimensional and repetitive.

The dream misfortune for Ambrose at SummerSlam is for him to descend Rollins with Dirty Deeds, main to Ziggler glorious the match and conserving his title. Thus, Ambrose and Rollins take hold of in a heated rivalry that followers contain no longer considered rapidly.

Ambrose because the heel, taking exception to his Protect teammates leaving in the back of him and embarking on their own personal journeys, is a persona that followers can sink their enamel into in the weeks and months to achieve back.

Nightmare Distress

Ambrose counters McIntyre’s interference makes an attempt and helps Rollins defend shut the title.

There may be mainly nothing done on this misfortune and, in point of fact, the full lot remains position quo.

Ambrose is the identical broken-down persona he has been at some stage during his singles scamper. Altering it up is the absolute best device to defend the momentum he has coming off his return Monday evening.

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Becky Lynch has prolonged been regarded as one of basically the most underrated and undervalued Superstars on the full WWE roster. No matter an in-ring sport matched by few, and a extraordinarily exact connection with the WWE Universe, she has been used because the absolute best honest true friend of the champion or the tackling dummy for heels as they receive momentum sooner than a title bout.

To make a selection an vulnerable phrase, “persistently been the bridesmaid, by no device the bride.”

Sunday evening, both her and Charlotte Aptitude will misfortune Carmella for the SmackDown Females’s Championship in a Triple Threat match. The receive to this level has been centered on the rising tension between Lynch and Aptitude as their friendship prepares to be tested in Brooklyn.

Dream Distress

Lynch, proving she is every bit as honest as Charlotte while concurrently paying her stride to the gold off in spectacular vogue, taps the 2nd-know-how Star out in the heart of the ring to defend shut the title.

No longer most good does it permit Lynch to defend shut the title, she beats Aptitude and basks in the credibility that provides her. Most almost definitely most importantly, it retains the rivalry between the three going as Aptitude’s competitiveness (and jealousy) retains her after the title while Carmella can yell she changed into by no device in point of fact overwhelmed for the gold.

Lynch all straight away filling the position of the champion everybody is after as an more than just some of the 2nd-tier babyface who eats the pin in tag workers matches is a compatible reward for her years of hardwork because the heart and soul of the SmackDown ladies folk’s division.

Nightmare Distress

Lynch eats the pinfall and disappears from the title image in the wake of Sunday’s notify.

Whereas that is no longer going given the time and vitality attach into reserving Lynch in fresh weeks, it will by some skill no longer shock anyone if it’s precisely what happens.

WWE Inventive is so centered on Charlotte and presenting her because the crown jewel of girls folk’s wrestling that it generally does so that you just may the detriment of the rest of the roster. Ethical, Asuka?

Lynch falling to her most good honest true friend, who then engages Carmella in the continuation of their rivalry would no longer shock anyone but would undoubtedly be a nightmare for Lynch.

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Dolph Ziggler is in the course of his most good scamper in years, the fresh unbearable intercontinental champion whose penchant for shut calls and interference from Drew McIntyre earns him the gang’s wrath a week.

Sunday evening, he defends his title against Seth Rollins in a match that has obtained its dazzling fragment of receive over the closing few months, the competitors even headlining Vulgar Principles in an Iron Man match.

Ziggler will glimpse to pick out the notify and add to the IC title’s improbable SummerSlam legacy, but will Sunday’s championship protection be a dream attain factual or nightmare realized for The Showoff?

Dream Distress

Ziggler, by hook or prison, retains the Intercontinental Championship and ensures his ongoing story, and eventual breakup, with McIntyre continues.

Ziggler has been reinvigorated by the partnership with McIntyre and their pick on the Shawn Michaels-Diesel storyline of 1994 has made for some receive tv. Why conclude it now appropriate to connect the title back on Rollins and hope WWE Inventive has one other, more neatly-behaved prolonged-term belief in store?

The seeds had been planted for Ziggler and McIntyre to destroy up and feud over the title so staying the direction by job of Ziggler victory is how this would perchance perchance also aloof amble.

Nightmare Distress

iggler drops the IC title to Rollins neat and in the heart of the ring.

WWE has appropriate started to rebuild Ziggler’s credibility. Beating him Sunday will unravel the full lot it has done to this level, rendering it all a colossal extinguish of time.

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Samoa Joe returns to the enviornment title image for the first time in almost a three hundred and sixty five days, sturdy AJ Types for the WWE Championship Sunday evening in a match that has the aptitude to be the absolute best on the full card.

Joe is no stranger to high-profile matches against The Extra special One, their epics in Full Nonstop Action Wrestling helped to receive that promotion from the bottom up. Now on the sizable stage that WWE provides, The Samoan Submission Machine will attempt and show cowl himself a priceless well-known match celebrity while also reminding followers why, at one level, he changed into referred to by many as regarded as one of many absolute best wrestlers on this planet.

Dream Distress

Joe does no longer defend shut the WWE Championship, as an more than just a few shedding to Types by job of disqualification as right here is however the originate of their rivalry over the gold. Indignant, pissed off, ruthless and unstoppable, he pummels Types, leaving the champion in a broken pile.

Pulled away by officers, he watches as trainers compare on the man who he appropriate left mendacity in a heap in the heart of the ring.

The misfortune builds Joe as an unforgiving monster of a competitor, a beefy-time Brock Lesnar in case you may perchance.

Nightmare Distress

Joe is pinned or tapped out neat in his first championship more than just a few, then beats down Types.

We saw something the same with Shinsuke Nakamura at WrestleMania 34 and it almost single-handedly killed The Artist’s heat.

Joe desires to be attach over in a vogue that solidifies him as Types’ subsequent broad rivalry while also earning him heat from followers. The most good device to head about that without switching the title is no longer to contain Joe pinned or submitted in his first title shot.

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Ronda Rousey has anxious wrestling followers with the velocity with which she has tailored to the enviornment of sports activities entertainment. A pure athlete, it’s her mannerisms, timing and facial expressions which contain helped her develop faster than anyone may perchance also contain imagined.

Sunday evening in Brooklyn, she challenges Alexa Bliss for the Uncooked Females’s Championship in regarded as one of many marquee bouts.

The more WWE puts Rousey’s image on marketing provides for pay-per-watch spectaculars, the increased expectations change into. Towards that background, the aptitude for a nightmare is undoubtedly there.

Dream Distress

Bewitch or lose, Rousey follows up WrestleMania 34 and Money in the Monetary institution with one other explosive, crowd-pretty performance that helps her receive momentum for herself as an in-ring performer.

Rousey is a hell of a weapon for WWE and there are potentially doubters waiting for her to scoot up and no longer declare when the lights are brightest and stage grandest. Working with any individual like Bliss, who is no longer as widely known for her in-ring capability as she is her persona work, and succeeding anyway may perchance be a broad feather in her proverbial cap.

Nightmare Distress

Rousey’s weaknesses are uncovered in a defective match that fails to are living as a lot as lofty expectations.

No longer that this would perchance perchance also injure Rousey’s push or celebrity power but it completely may perchance be the first exact hiccup she has faced in her pro wrestling occupation.

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The Revival is the absolute best tag workers in WWE, no matter what their placement on the card would counsel.

Scott Dawson and Speed Wilder had been so poorly utilized by WWE Inventive that it’s almost inconceivable that they eventually receive themselves in the Uncooked Impress Personnel Championship match against The B Personnel at regarded as one of many biggest events of the three hundred and sixty five days.

Yes, it’s as fragment of SummerSlam Kickoff Provide an explanation for but aloof, the workers has climbed out of the deep dismal abyss of the WWE undercard and finds itself one defend shut a ways from regaining their position atop a tag workers division below the company’s umbrella.

Dream Distress

Speed and Dawson defeat Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, handily, to alter into the fresh tag workers champions and re-place some seriousness through the division.

The defend shut would support rebuild The Revival’s credibility and position them up able the attach they may perchance also conceivably combat Dallas and Axel one week and Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose or Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre the next.

Taking into consideration the dearth of depth in the division, The Revival is mainly the tandem to elevate it at this level.

Nightmare Distress

The Revival loses neat to the 2nd-tier comedy B Personnel that has misplaced substantial steam and recognition since their tag title victory at Vulgar Principles.

A terrible thought that would relieve fully nobody.